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XFX R7700 OpenGL w OpenCSG support

Question asked by jason27183 on Sep 15, 2017

I have two XFX R7700 video cards.  I want to run OpenSCAD, but it requires OpenCSG support.  I updated the XFX R7700 drivers, but OpenSCAD still isn't finding the OpenGL support it needs.


I'm running Windows 7 Pro.  I really don't want to upgrade my OS... I'm concerned that if I buy a newer video card, I'll still have to upgrade my OS to get the OpenGL support I need. 


So my questions are:


Is there OpenCSG support for the XFX R7700 card in Windows 7 64 bit Pro?


If I upgrade to Windows 10, are there newer drivers for the XFX R7700 that will give me the OpenCSG support I need?


If the above answers are both no, then is there another card that will work with Windows 7 that will give me the OpenCSG support I need?


If  not, what card and OS do I need???