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Vega Frontier Edition - Screen Blinking/white pixel flashes/Grey bars flashes

Question asked by jpclermont on Sep 15, 2017

System components:

-Vega FE


-Windows 10 Pro 64bits

-Beta 17.8.1 (but I had the same problem with the previous version)

-Samsung C24FG70FQU

-Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 Rev. 1

-Intel i7-7700K

-Corsair CSM 750 Gold

-Corsair 16g 3000 mhz


I'm constantly experiencing grey bars, white pixels flashes and even screen blinking on my monitor whenever my desktop is on. I had a Fury before with the same components and didn't experience that. Whether I'm gaming, working on Solidworks or using Keyshot, the image output doesn't seem to be stable... Is it the GPU itself? Is it the drivers? I really hope I can have some answers, otherwise I'm planning on returning it and going for the Titan XP...


Also I noticed some thermal throttling when gaming, with the previous version of the driver I was able to adjust the fan curve, preventing that issue. But with that beta driver, the option is gone. Will we be able to adjust that in a future driver release??



J.P. Clermont