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Threadripper 1950X will not post quad channel memory, suggestions?

Question asked by caknuckles on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2017 by PrEzi

Threadripper 1950X

Asus Zenith Extreme

Team Group Nighthawk 3200MHz CL16-18-18-36, 64GB, 16GB sticks, dual rank, Samsung B die

RX Vega 64 x2

EVGA Platinum 850w (MB)

EVGA Platinum 1200w (GPU)


I can post in triple channel, even at rated speed. It is not the Dimm as I have changed them all out.


I had this exact set up including same memory and MB post 3066 quad with zero tweaking, just set it to DCOP 3066, but different processor. It would not post at 3200.