AMD Ryzen Pro processors replace Intel i7 in French radiators.

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Side fact: Must be nice to live in a country with unlimited broadband internet which allows this sort of thing to happen, unlike this country...


Ryzen Pro heats French homes and offices

AMD has invited a French company called Qarnot to discuss how they're using Ryzen Pro processors to heat homes and offices for free. 

The company uses the Q.rad - a heater that embeds three CPUs as a heat source -- to accomplish this feat. "We re-use the heat they generate to heat homes and offices for free," the company says in a blog post. "Q.rad is connected to the internet and receives in real time workloads from our in-house computing platform."


The idea is that anyone in the world can send heavy workloads over the cloud to a Q.rad and have it render the task and heat a person's home in the process.


The two industries that are targeted by Qarnot include movies studios for 3D rendering and VFX, and banks for risk analysis. Qarnot is opting in for Ryzen Pro processors over Intel i7 processors due to the performance gain and heat output.


According to Qarnot, they "saw a performance gain of 30-45 percent compared to the Intel i7". They also report that the Ryzen Pro is "producing the same heat as the equivalent Intel CPUs" they were using - all while providing twice as many cores.


By using Ryzen Pro's processors, OS independent memory encryption is enabled to provide additional security layers to Qarnot's heaters. However, Q.rads are naturally still going to be physically unsecured as they can be in anyone's house.


No one seems to mind that processors chucking out a lot of heat in the summer might be a bad thing, even in France.