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    PPCUF.exe using 10% cpu in idle


      Hi all,

      since i have updated to driver version 17.9.1 i have this PPCUF.exe running in background and its using constantly 10% of my cpu, ryzen 5 1600.

      The exe file info leads me to amd performance profile.

      So what is it doing? and is it normal that it constantly uses 10% of my cpu?

      Do i need it?



      Ok for those who have the same problem, the problem (actually not really a problem) is one option in the driver settings.

      So PPCUF is actually called amdppcuf.exe and it is used to send performance reports to amd to help them.

      In Radeon settings under Settings there is this option to help amd with user experience or something, just uncheck it and the

      PPCUF.exe "problem" is fixed.

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          I have same 15% load cpu by ppcuf

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            AMD FX8300 14-16% CPU usage with ppcuf in standby mode.

            what to do ?

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                I would remove it.  If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD\PPC, you will see an MSI installer, right click on it and select UNINSTALL.  It will present a dialog when it is done, while it is doing it you may not see any window or other activity until it is finished and will say so.



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                Hi Obibamkenobi,


                Yes, this was a new addition into 17.9.3 for telemetry and reporting on various system factors and GPU states/settings so that AMD can better monitor issues that are existing, occurring, or may occur and try to remedy them faster.  However, from what I've noticed, the performance of this module can vary greatly depending on the installed system, as well as the level of issues the person is having, which translates to how much telemetry must be gathered, packaged, and relayed back to AMD's servers.


                The process is intensive but aims to perform its duties only when the system is idle, or if an error state is entered, or if a crash/TDR occurs.  From my observation the reporting can be gathering and transmitting for anywhere from a few minutes to 15 minutes.


                As you mentioned this can be disabled by unchecking the box you mentioned in settings, I no longer have 17.9.3 so I forget exactly what the title was, it's probably Customer Improvement something or what not.  It's also asked as a question when you are first installing the driver, you are presented with that checkbox.


                Disabling this is a tossup, on one hand it can impact performance, although it shouldn't while you are utilizing the system, on the other hand it is vital that they receive this data, especially now more than ever since there are widespread issues with the latest driver branch that they are trying to get a handle on.  By disabling this mechanism it reduces the feedback and data they can use to improve, stabilize, and fix the drivers.


                Of course this is your choice and it is optional, the more that participate the better, but understandably if it is constantly causing usage on disk and cpu, and doesn't seem to ever end, then I would also disable it too.  If it is doing its standard intermittent reporting and only working when idle, and suspends work when not idle or shortly after the computer exits the idle state, I'd leave it on; now more than ever. 


                Hope that clarifies this a little bit more for you guys!  Have a great day and happy gaming!



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                  Hey Guys,


                  Ich have the same problem lol, i see it now

                  in Idle 100% cpu loading, PPCUF.exe runs with 90% CPU with my i7 7700k xD lol

                  whats wrong AMD?

                  Radeon Crimson Driver and RX Vega 64