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O.K. AMD......??????

Question asked by ambrose on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by hardcoregames™

Hello All,


Have been seeing the Acer & AMD desktop offering on the home page, and I notice that Best Buy has been in with this.  As for pricing I don't think it is bad at all for getting a R1700, however what is baffling me is that the offer(s) come with an Nvidia GFX card. Ah...What????? I would have thought they would be coming with an AMD card in there. There is noway I would even think about  buying this AMD offering without getting a AMD GFX card to boot. Never used Nvidia and don't plan to. Damm!!! AMD you almost gave me a new computer choice other then a Dell.


I am all for helping the " Little Guy " but offering a Nvidia card system within your own AMD Advert/store offers. What is this AMD supporter supposed to think, about how you feel about your own  GRX card products. I know the Bit Coiners are probably a good portion of your card sales at the moment, So maybe you should consider a Preferred AMD Customer Option, and save some of those good cards for us regular people out here, that way we don't get slapped with the high pricing you put on them later, all because of " Bit Coiners "


Cheers, Here is hoping AMD Starts using AMD GFX in their own products from default.ati-wallpapers-12-773409.jpg



P.S. Using Nvidia in an AMD offer............