Radeon driver crashes with XSplit and Elite Dangerous

Discussion created by sdancer on Sep 13, 2017

I've recently been getting frequent Radeon driver restarts when trying to run XSplit and Elite: Dangerous at the same time. At first I though it was purely an XSplit bug since that used to crash and terminate, but it turns out that just having it open without the game as a source will cause driver restarts which will usually have the game freezes (99% it will resume normally by tabbing out and back in) or rarely game crashes. The game alone is fine, XSplit alone appears to be fine, OBS is fine with or without the game, and by and large nothing else has an obvious issue.


This did not use to be an issue with older Radeon drivers, but is readily reproducible by starting Elite and XSplit (in any order) and just letting things sit for a few minutes, both with drivers 17.8.2 and 17.9.1. (Fully updated Win10 and a 4GB RX480.)


I have already sent application crash dumps to XSplit, but since their application only appears to be crashing after the driver goes AWOL, that's probably more of a symptom, so if there's anything I can send somewhere to help resolve the core driver issue…