How to buy a Vega 56/64

Discussion created by darkcyd on Sep 14, 2017
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I have been an AMD user for almost 20 years now. I've always purchased them as I saw them as essential to maintaining a fair market against Intel. I've purchased over 10 Athlon/AMD computers myself and built no less than 20 systems for friends and family with no complaints. This at time hasn't been easy. The first athlons didn't like cheap memory. Frequently the TDP to performance ratio was out of step with other offerings but I stuck with it for the greater good.


I feel currently though AMD is positioning itself with the miners and leaving the standard computer user out in the cold. Let me be more specific, the market is doing this. I am ready to pull the trigger on another new system. Ryzen is out. I just had to wait for Vega but I'm still waiting for Vega and if the tech news is right, I could be waiting for vega for months. I am happy AMD is selling more cards to miners but I am not happy enough to pay an extra $2-300 for a super high TDP card vs the competition. I would have already gone with the competition if I hadn't invested over 1k in a 4k freesync monitor and I'm on the fence in turning that into a new TV and going gsync.


So, to my question. Is anybody out there able to give some advice on how to get a Vega card without the huge markup? If you were in the same situation, what to do if you weren't willing to wait? Last, we can theorize on what could have been done to avoid this. I think bundled only cards would have avoided the run by miners.


Just like in relationships, I feel like at some point you realize separation is going to be unavoidable. Thanks for all the good times.