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Can you configure an application\program to use the high performance graphics for all users?

Question asked by ahsitguy on Sep 14, 2017
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I have an AMD FirePro M4170 hybrid graphics. I need to be able to configure a few applications to force use the high performance graphics for ALL users. I see that in Catalyst Control Center, you can go to Graphics Performance\3D Application Settings and add an application, but doing this only adds it to the current user. When Iog in as a different user, those applications aren't listed there. We use mandatory profiles in a school setting, so I need this to be configurable for all users. I have already applied the global setting set to maximize performance for battery and plugged in, but this setting doesn't seem to have any effect on the specific applications that I need. They still act as if they are using the built-in Intel graphics. Is there a way to accomplish this?