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Recording/Streaming VR with ReLive

Question asked by dreamager on Sep 13, 2017

OK, so I'm wanting to see if I can record games I am playing in VR with ReLive. If the game displays on desktop, then I can record the desktop, but often games don't. or at a very reduced res to avoid wasted GPU usage. Is there a way to select where ReLive is recording from? Can I set it somehow to choose to record from the headset feed? Or to automatically detect the game and record that instead of desktop?


Any input would be great. I'm sure there are programs more specifically designed for this, but I'm liking how simple and integrated ReLive is, and on the one game I've tried so far (from desktop) it doesn't impact the play at all, which is obviously a concern on an RX 480


(currently on 17.7.2 win10 x64)