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Question asked by gautam912 on Sep 13, 2017

The power users or consumers who need high end computing with portability are divided among three segments:

1. Gamers  (Need a high end processor and high end graphics card)

2. Content Creators  (Needs  high end processor, render card such as AMD Vega or Nvidia Quadro and lots of memory)  

3. IT Guys/Workstation level of computing for virtualization  (Majorly high end processor and lots of memory with limited graphics usage) 



For the 1st and 2nd category of consumers there are many offering from various manufacturers who build powerful laptops for gaming and workstation for content creators.

but for the 3rd category of consumers there isn't  anything specific, these consumers use the high end gaming laptops or workstations but the powerful graphics card remains underutilized.


Since AMD's THREADRIPPER is a monster in itself, especially the price at which AMD offers it, makes it 1st preference by majority of consumers. Now with this imagine the product line such as

MSI - CUBI, ZOTAC - MINI PC/ZBOX, INTEL - NUC. In this segment AMD yet has no presence. If at all AMD enters this segment with THREADRIPPER or a powerful laptop with THREADRIPPER is going to be a success that's my gut feeling.



In a nutshell,  there are lots of consumers who want THREADRIPPER with portability.

I hope AMD explores this segment as there are consumers, and AMD fans don't like to buy products running other then AMD processors only because there is no availability from AMD.

Thanks for your time and thoughts.