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How do I find support case status?

Question asked by srb151 on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by srb151

I recently went through the support process (SR# 8200765129), and was approved for an RMA.

Well, I got the rma right before the hurricane hit Houston, and had to wait a week to ship out

my CPU (Ryzen 1700x).   It made it to central Florida (with destination of MIami), by Friday

last week, and the next hurricane hit Florida.  Go figure.  Well, last I looked, it wound up

in Nashville yesterday, listed with no destination, and no scheduled delivery.


When I sent an email to tech support, I got a message my service request was closed!

What's going on?  How do I find out?  Where's my CPU?  When will my replacement arrive?


This is my first experience with AMD support, and it's making me nervous. Was going to start a

Threadripper build, and I'm not comfortable with the total lack of information with my

(at the time, i.e. launch) $399 processor.