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S7150x2 Horizon View - mxGPU consume all host available CPU

Question asked by serinfbco on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by serinfbco

Hello community. I have already open a support case for this but I did not receive valuable help so far. So I just want to know if you see the same behavior.


The problem is simple: a VM with mxGPU use 30% of vCPU when user do nothing. The problem is with either pcoip or VmWare Blast and affect obviously all tasks on that VM. Normally with software 3D or NVidia, we got around 0% of vCPU usage when nothing change on the screen. With a stress test (full screen video plackback) the cpu usage stay around 30%, this is normal. Imagine a classroom of 32 students doing nothing, we got an CPU alarm from the ESX host going crazy at 95%.


Our setup is a POC under VmWare Horizon and we got awful performances results so far with s7150x2 if we compare with NVidia Grid K1 that we are using in production since 2 years with great results. You know Nvidia new licensing model...



Horizon 7.0.1

Esxi 6.0 U2

Dell PowerEdge R730 (dual CPU - total of 16 cores 2.4Ghz, 256Go RAM)

AMD VIB driver for Esxi 6.0: version 1.0

AMD mxGPU driver Windows 7 x64 : version 17.5.2