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    BlueBorne Attack Impacts Billions Of Bluetooth Devices


      Glad I didn't order a smartwatch.


      BlueBorne Attack Impacts Billions Of Unpatched Bluetooth-Connected Devices

      IoT-focused security company Armis Labs revealed a Bluetooth-based attack that impacts billions of devices, including Android, Linux, and unpatched Windows and iOS10 or earlier devices. Along with the Bluetooth attack, which the company called “BlueBorne,” Armis also revealed eight zero-day vulnerabilities that could be used to facilitate the BlueBorne attack against some devices. 

      Devastating Potential

      According to Armis Labs, BlueBorne not only affects billions of smartphones, desktops, sound systems, and medical devices, but it requires no action from users. It's also invisible to users, and worst of all, it can start spreading from device to device on its own.