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    While installing new amd driver my computer freezes and I have to preform hard shutdown


      I'm trying all day to get this to work. Read about 10-20 different forum posts and articles.

      I've tried everything, from using ddu in safe mode to delete everything connected to amd drivers, to even pulling out my ram bars cuz I read that could be a fix on some forums.

      I've run amd clean utillity and that didnt help either.



      Name: Laptop Lenovo g500,

      CPU: Intel Core i7-3520M @ 2.90GHz,

      GPU: AMD Radeon r5 200m / hd 8500

      Intergrated GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000

      RAM: 8gb,

      Storage space; 312GB


      So as my title says. Every time I try to install new amd driver t  I downloaded from http://support.amd.com/en-us/download 

      In the middle of installation everything freezes. It just stops. I can't move my mouse, can't use ctrl + alt + del...nothing. So I have to preform hard shutdown.


      Reason why I'm reinstalling my driver is cuz I have been offered to update my driver but it said that a update is "optional". I still decided to not ignore it and I installed the newest version.

      After installation finished I got an error message "amd error 1603". I looked it up on the internet of course, but didnt find anything on how to really fix it. So I (like an idiot) ignored it.

      After few days my computer started freezing now and then and every time I would close down laptop which puts him to sleep I could not open any games or programs like Photoshop CC.

      It got me little woried so I decided I should reinstall my driver completely. So I uninstalled my yo driver thru programs and features and with ddu in safe mode and you know what happend than allready.


      Thanks in advance.