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While installing new amd driver my computer freezes and I have to preform hard shutdown

Question asked by cager on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by goodplay

I'm trying all day to get this to work. Read about 10-20 different forum posts and articles.

I've tried everything, from using ddu in safe mode to delete everything connected to amd drivers, to even pulling out my ram bars cuz I read that could be a fix on some forums.

I've run amd clean utillity and that didnt help either.



Name: Laptop Lenovo g500,

CPU: Intel Core i7-3520M @ 2.90GHz,

GPU: AMD Radeon r5 200m / hd 8500

Intergrated GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000

RAM: 8gb,

Storage space; 312GB


So as my title says. Every time I try to install new amd driver t  I downloaded from 

In the middle of installation everything freezes. It just stops. I can't move my mouse, can't use ctrl + alt + del...nothing. So I have to preform hard shutdown.


Reason why I'm reinstalling my driver is cuz I have been offered to update my driver but it said that a update is "optional". I still decided to not ignore it and I installed the newest version.

After installation finished I got an error message "amd error 1603". I looked it up on the internet of course, but didnt find anything on how to really fix it. So I (like an idiot) ignored it.

After few days my computer started freezing now and then and every time I would close down laptop which puts him to sleep I could not open any games or programs like Photoshop CC.

It got me little woried so I decided I should reinstall my driver completely. So I uninstalled my yo driver thru programs and features and with ddu in safe mode and you know what happend than allready.


Thanks in advance.