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Windows 10 is driving me nuts with BSODs...

Question asked by black_zion on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by black_zion

0x000000d1, 0x0000007e, 0x00000050, 0x0000003b, 0x000000d1, all of those in the last 6 days. They're all BSODs which point to memory, especially to the GPU as but Memtest86+ runs for 12 hours without problems, OCCT VRAM test ran for hours without errors, Prime95 runs for hours without errors even when set to use every spare megabyte of RAM, Intel Burn Test runs for hours at Extreme without errors, but it can BSOD while sitting at the desktop, sometimes I can game for hours without issues, sometimes 2 minutes. Sometimes games will crash with memory read errors, sometimes they work just fine.


My computer is like a car that acts up everywhere except at the dealership under diagnostics...Could use some more brains on the case.