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SSAA compatibility ...

Question asked by radeon1g on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by mack0y

Hello, AMD.


I'm interested in SSAA(AntiAliasing).


Radeon has two kinds of SSAA.


One thing is VSR, and the other thing is real SSAA.


VSR has big compatibility.


But real SSAA, that is,  forcing SSAA has a bit problem.


Generally, I know forcing SSAA  is almost impossible in dx 10,11 game.


On the other hand, it can be forced SSAA in dx9 game.


Major game : ex) crysis 2(dx9) ----------> forcing ssaa  can not


A little bit minor game : ex) tales of berseria (dx9)  ------> forcing ssaa can not  too..


Compatibility of ssaa is not good.


Extending compatibility of ssaa,  is it so difficult ?


If it is so difficult job,  it is regretful.


Radeon has unique ssaa type like a 8xEQAA.


It helps making high image quality.  So I like a radeon's ssaa.


Maybe, it seems radeon's ssaa has compatibility bits like nvidia.


then I think extending compatibility of ssaa is not very difficult.


Although it is slow,  can it extend compatibility ? AMD-Team


I expect so.


In short, is it very difficult ???