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    temporal aa, is it alive ?


      I wonder I can use temporal aa ...


      If not,  is temporal aa  blocked completely on driver level ???


      My card is r9 280.


      Driver ---> crimson relive 16.12.1.



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          Temporal AA has been gone for ages as it didn't work properly in all games, plus the power of graphics cards as increased greatly allowing multisample and supersample AA to work properly, not to mention the fact that games are using much larger textures these days, which reduces aliasing.

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            If the game supports it, and you meet the requirements, then yes.


            You can't force TAA from the driver (or through DLLs etc etc) as the game needs to store motion vectors for each pixel in each frame during the rendering, most games don't as it's time consuming and such information is really only useful for high sample motion blur and TAA anyway.


            Games that I know have temporal AA include:


            Alien Isolation (poor implementation of smaa2tx can be improved with alias isolation mod)

            Watch Dogs (poor implementation of smaa2tx)

            Doom (tssaa8x, taa, smaa2tx and tfxaa)

            Resident Evil 7 (taa)

            Crysis 3 (smaa2tx and 1tx early versions though and not great)

            Dishonored 2 (uses nvidia's txaa however you can also enable it with AMD hardware)

            Assassin's Creed (since AC3 nvidia only txaa)

            SkyrimSE (taa)

            Fallout 4 (taa)

            Dead Rising 4 (taa)

            Gears of War 4 (unreal engine 4 built in taa)

            Snake pass (ue4 built in taa)

            Tekken 7 (ue4 built in taa)

            Space Hulk Deathwing (ue4 taa)

            (pretty much any Unreal Engine 4 based game to be honest)