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RX Vega Microstutter

Question asked by dasunding on Sep 10, 2017
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I experience something with a bought RX Vega 64 that can be called microstutter. I try to explain what I mean. It seems that if I have the framerate caped for example at 55fps in order to be in freesync range, I got microstutter for example in Dota 2 or Sudden Strike 4. If I decap the framerate I got over 100fps (4k) and I dont have that kind of microstutter. This stutter effect happens more since 17.9.1 in comparison to 17.8.2. I tried a programm called ClockBlocker which actually helped. So I think now that it is something with the management of the clocks/speed of the card and changes of the load of the card which makes the stutter. It seems that the new driver has lower clockspeeds if I cap the framerate. I am not sure if that happens to resolutions <4k but the microstutter is strangely less if I go to 5k (maybe because of the load?). Now Rise of the Tomb Raider runs with less stutter in 1800p than Dota2 in 4k which is strange.

I also notice much higher input lag in comparison to 290/390 products. Also the input lag with framerate target control is extrem in comparison to a frame cap with Riva Tuner Statistic Server. So in fact the 290/390 cards feel more smooth if the resolution is lower with a frame cap at 55fps (Riva Tuner) while having less input lag.


Is there a way to prevent the card from doing this stutter without using ClockBlocker in oder to be stutter free in freesync range? Maybe a button (energy save)/(or not) could be really helpful or a higher tolerance before downclocking /speed limiting could maybe prevent the stutter?


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