Any ETA on working game profile settings for RX Vega?

Discussion created by pmc25 on Sep 10, 2017

Currently neither global or individual game settings have any effect for RX Vega (and I'm assuming Vega FE).


I've tried on 17.8.1, 17.8.2 and 17.9.1 on W7 and W10, and also confirmed the behaviour with other users.


We've now been through 4 driver iterations.  Launch to 17.9.1 and still don't have this basic level of support in Radeon Settings.

When are they likely to be implemented?



Currently we can't tune AA, Tessellation level or use morphological AA at all.  Some games seem to be defaulting to high levels of tessellation with Vega, which is a performance drain.  Since SMAA and MSAA seem to have a huge impact on performance with Vega, it would be nice to be able to force something else or use morphological.


It was always a bit of a mixed bag as to whether all the settings worked correctly with Fiji and Polaris, in my experience, but most games worked for tessellation and AA at least.  But nothing works in anything for Vega.


Is support even planned?