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    Freesync screen flickering (Philips 349x7fjew)




      I'm experiencing an issue with Freesync where I see brightness flickering only when the Freesync is enabled.



      OS - Windows 10 64-bit

      GPU - Sapphire r9 Fury Nitro

      GPU Driver version - Catalyst 17.9.1

      Monitor - Philips 349x7fjew, (freesync range 40-100).


      I experience this problem only with games and with freesync enabled. I noticed that the problem occurs in particular frame rate (39-41) that activate LFC technology.

      Perhaps the problem is related to a poor implementation of this technology in amd driver?

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          OS Windows 10 64-bit

          GPU - Gigabyte RX Vega 56

          GPU Driver version - Catalyst 17.12.1

          Monitor - Philips 349x7


          I am also having the same issue, with the previous drivers i could get free sync working some of the time with boarderless windows, now with the new version its on but im getting screen tearing, and I have always had brightness flickering seems when it changes fps dropping below 80 or 60, and with any overlays, or 2d menus or anything lower then 60 flickering all over the place.