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Intel HD 520 performing better than r5 m430

Question asked by arile95 on Sep 10, 2017
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I'm playing Albion Online - and it has ~ 20-25 fps when Ur r5 is turned on, when I turn it off and the only available card is intel hd520 it has clearly more FPS (32-35).

I checked the video settings, when I tested it on both cards - same settings were applied.

I tried installing/uninstalling the drivers  (Crimson) I tried to "optimilize it" BUT THERE ARE NO POSSIBLE CHANGES TO BE MADE.

I wanted to find good, old catalys control center - can't.


Could u please provide me some help? How the hell can r5 m430 perform worse than intel hd 520?

I'm so annyoed, just spended about hour trying to get this going properly....