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Screen Flashing

Question asked by messerschmidt on Sep 9, 2017


I have Sapphire Radeon 7850.

Recently bought a 4k monitor (Acer CB281HK) - connected via Displayport.


I experience random short screen flashing (for half second maybe less) when using desktop (not when playing games).

Sometimes it doesn't happen for couple hours, sometimes every 5 minutes.


It's very similar to problem described in this old thread : R9 390 Multiple Screen Flickering Bug : too hard for you to fix it AMD ?

Although it is described there as screen flickering rather than screen flashing, but i think it's the same problem, because solution is the same.


It must be something with memory changing frequency, because when i cap memory frequency on my GPU on 1250 Mhz (using Asus GPU Tweaker II) problem disappears.

I also use Displayport as people in that thread.


It has been 2 years, how is that possible this problem is not fixed yet ?