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New RX480 8GB doesn't power on when Display Port cable is plugged in ....

Question asked by luwa32 on Sep 9, 2017
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So I have a new build which is working great and also have couple of monitors connected to my PC which seems to work just fine. The issue arises only when I try to connect my new 27" 1080P AOC Monitor via Display Port to my RX480 8GB GPU. When I connect my monitor via Display Port and turn on the computer, I have noticed that GPU doesn't power on at all, like it's dead as fans don't turn on and the LED's are off, and in that case the whole pc freezes up which results in power button not working and each time I end up turning off the PC via PSU power switch at the back of the case. I also have checked that my monitor is working fine via different ports and currently I use it via VGA on another PC to type the current topic in here.


Have someone encounter similar problem and have a solution ? I was thinking that I might have a wrong version of Display Port Cable but I think it's unlikely for cable to just paralyse the whole GPU to the point where it just doesn't turn on ... Also, this GPU is useless to me if I can't use DisplayPort as I need to connect my 3rd monitor and there is no other port that I can use.


Any solution ?