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HD 7990 black screen (No display signal) and Not Detected

Question asked by maxime506 on Sep 9, 2017



My friend has a rig with HD 7990 Sapphire Version, he was playing a video game, and all of a sudden the screen went dark, and system went into a reboot. After that, his monitor display "no signal", but his rig still booted into windows nonetheless. But there's no signal from the video card.


If he boot the rig with a spare AMD video card, along with the card in a second PCI-E slot, the card isn't detected by either Device Manager, GPU-Z, even atiflash cannot find the card at all.


He used Sapphire Trixx 6.4 to underclock and undervolt the card. At the time his game crashed, he was running 925mhz core and 1100mv Voltage on both of his GPU dies, Both gpus was running like 75-76c at that time. We've tried lots of methods, including CMOS reset on his mobo, and draining the PSU completely. Still, it doesn't work.


Anyway you guys can help us?



His rig specs




ASUS P8Q67-m do/tpm


8gb kingston (1*8 gb)


Spare card is MSI HD 7870


Corsair HX850i PSU