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    AMD RADEON R8 M445DX(r5-integrated+r7 m440 discrete) not working.


      Examining many topics in the Internet about the amd radeon r8 m445dx, having tried many solutions proposed both user-and support - I came to the conclusion that AMD don't care about their customers. . You may deny it, but my laptop 2012 model year with the integrated graphics in the a6-has almost the same performance as the r8 m445dx. When running diagnostics it checks the video card, only integrated. In the game GTA 5 shows 800mb of video memory, civilization 6 does not see discrete graphics card r7 m440, but only r5. Dota 2 on medium graphics settings 15-28 fps. This list could go on forever. A huge number of topics were created about this and all for nothing.

      It was my last purchase from amd!!! Very sorry, the product support is missing...

      P. S Sorry for my English.