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I have a FX-8350 and seem to have an over heating problem.

Question asked by jsimons59 on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2017 by wth

When the system first turns on and at idle (turbo disenabled, with turbo enable, temp. was 7-9C higher) the temp. starts at around 37-38C and rises to 41-43C. The entire time the system is running, it smells like something is over heating or burning. When the reset is pressed, it comes back with a temp. of 50-51C and slowly drops to 41-43C. I'm using the stock cooler that came with it, I've reinstalled the cooler with no changes. I purchased a GAMMAXX 400 and was wondering if it might do a better job cooling the CPU before I do some damage to it.... So far, everything has been at idle, don't have the OS installed yet....