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Since a driver or two back (it seems) monitors wont go into power save

Question asked by klepp0906 on Sep 9, 2017

I'm not even sure at EXACTLY what point this happened, but it was within the last few driver releases.  I had updated to the optional release and thought that was the culprit so i used DDU to return to the main "build" with the problem still presenting itself.

Basically I run trifire R290X on my backup PC.  (already tried disabling xfire, problem still manifests).  I have them connected to 3 dell 24" displays in portrait.


This was never an issue previously (for the literal YEARS ive used this as my secondary pc) but now whenever my displays turn off (have them set for 10 minutes) the middle display will power down correctly, however the left display and right display both go blank like theyre going into power down mode, but they only go half way there. 


Best way I can explain is if You were to look at all 3 screens, the center one would be black, but the left and right ones are black but still have the backlight on/receiving power.


Hope that makes sense.  No image is present/desktop isnt visible but monitors are still on.

Any ideas?  Anyone seen or read of similar behavior?  Know which driver version I should try?  I do know it happened right around the time I noticed the "chill" feature in radeon settings.  Super frustrating as I leave my pc on 24/7 and it not only keeps my office lit up even if only dimly, and of course drains power.


To be frank im OCD and want things to WORK



thank you for any help or insight!