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hdmi problems

Question asked by amedeus on Sep 9, 2017
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I used to play movies on my Tv Samsung throught hdmi , however seems to have some issues in connecting my laptop to the TV in the last 1 month

Issues make my laptop screen closing and start to light and showing for a short time the descktop,like 0.5 seconds , not image at all even when press fn+interface change button to set only one screen or both screens,and sometimes it turn in grey nuance as it show me the screen work but soft dosn't show me the image... , also if i disconnect the hdmi cable have to press ctrl +alt+del or ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager in order to make my descktop image appear ,so i guess there are some errors in drivers ,connected it on both my samsung tv ,throught different cables , one tv not even seems to detect my laptop and the other detect but no show image as well as it present some audio connection sometimes from an video runed before connecting hdmi , i can't perform any setting while my tv is connected with the laptop


I am open to advices as i tryed everything to fix it , but i didn't try to roll back the video card driver , so first i would like to know what could make this issue appear


I tryed to connect other laptop to my samsung tv and seems to work , so tv and cable are both working fine ,just my laptop can't connect it anymore to my TV  cause it seems to close and reopen my desckop image ,or to run the laptop screen in an grey nuance if is necesary i can even record how it's doing,i used to watch on hdmi and it's first time when i get this issue ,on internet couldn't find any topic about this subject


I think my laptop screen should work no mather if the hdmi port work or not ,as i tryed to make only my laptop screen work and it not allowed me to get the descktop image


I was thinking even about an hdmi board defection but i come here for an expertise

These are my laptop amd boards ... if you need that info


Graphics Chipset

AMD Radeon R5 M200 / HD 8500M Series

Graphics Chipset

AMD Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series



Radeon Settings Version


Driver Packaging Version