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    (Solved) Asus Notebook X550IU got fps drop and stuttering, how to solved it?


      Hi guys, I just bought Asus Notebook X550IU because I saw many reviews recommended this notebook for working and gaming at the same time.

      Then I installed my favorite game, Black Squad on Steam and had this fps drop and stuttering in Very Low setting 1600x900.

      I recognize this problem happens when there are many texture and gun trail (from 70 fps can drop to 30 and stuttering).

      But what makes this a problem because I've played on my old notebook with older GPU (2GB, 128 bit) and didn't get this problem. (70-110 fps, Very Low, 1366x768).


      I had done many changes on my laptop such as:

      - used recommended AMD software (whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-relive-17.7.2-july27)

      - changed everything to maximize performance in AMD Settings and Power Plans

      - decreased maximum power state to 90% (and it has a good effect to reduce heat from CPU and stabilized GPU core)


      I also did some test like:

      - 3DMARK Fire Strike, got similar score from reviewer website on this notebook.

      - GPUZ Sensors, got maximum Core Clock and Memory Clock when playing Black Squad

      - Playing PUBG, got 20-30 fps in very-very low setting and got stuttering (1280x720)


      So, my temporary conclusion is the GPU is not compatible with Black Squad


      I hope You guys can help me to overcome this problem. Maybe there's something that i missed. It will be great if You guys can also help me to play PUBG smoothly

      FN: Sorry for my bad English XDDD


      Appendix: ASUS Notebook X550IU Spec:

      - CPU: AMD Quad Core FX-9830P, up to 3.7GHz

      - GPU: Primary: R7 Grapichs (1GB DDR4)

                  Switchable: RX 460 M (4GB DDR5, 128 bit)

      - RAM: 8GB (+ 8GB)

      - HDD: 1 TB

      - Display: 1920x1080, 15,6 inch