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    Hearts of Iron IV : Black Flags


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      Hearts of Iron IV, all flags that arent the big size now appear all black.


      System Configuration:


      Mobo: Asrock B85 PRO4

      CPU: Intel i5 4670

      Memory: 8GB DDR3

      GPU: Sapphire R9 280X DUAL X

      Driver: 17.7.2 / 17.8.1 / 17.8.2 / 17.9.1

      VBIOS Version:

      Radeon Settings Version: 2017.0720.1902.32426 / 2017.0815.1452.24946 / 2017.0821.2358.41324 / 2017.0905.1156.19665



      OS: Windows 10 1703 Build 15063.540


      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Install latest driver

      2. Start Up game

      3. Start up a new session

      4. Realize that any small flag is now black


      Expected Behavior:

      Smaller Versions of normal flags


      Actual Behavior:

      Black Flags.


      Additional Notes:


      Here is a screenshot :




      The flags below the major countries are supposed to be populated with other nations flags, not black ones.


      Here is another in the Trade Menu:



      And here is the Estate screen:







      Additional Notes:


      Steam Discussion page filled with same problems :








      Some users reported that running the game in OpenGL fixes this issue, leading me to belive its the DirectX part of the drivers screwing up.

      This fix works for me