Influencers and lack of influence

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Being a proud AMD Red Team member, I have always liked what is available in the low cost high-

performance offerings from AMD, also I have followed many of the RTP members and liked the values

they have shared as representatives of this community. I too have had the opportunity to

pay-it-forward with community members and love the positivity that is shared by all.


I have been looking at some of these ‘influencers’ that the AMD Twitch channel has been hosting and

have been less than influenced by them.


After watching streamers like Patty, DanielTheDemon, wgrates, DejavuDarkmist and a few others, they

are not the most knowledgeable when it comes to AMD products they are representing. Almost all of

the influencers do not use AMD products, in fact one even called the RX products and drivers crap

on their stream that was being hosted by AMD  Twitch channel.


The AMDRTP Stream team are the most knowledgeable about who AMD is, what products they sell and how

they perform.


This past weekend I had the displeasure to watch the stream from PAXWest and was extremely

disappointed to see League of Legends and Overwatch being the main games that were streamed with

the select streamers that AMD invited to their booth to stream.


None of those streamers had any idea of the products they were using nor seemed interested in AMD,

they seemed to use AMD to promote themselves. For them to be playing on Quake Champions themed rigs

and not play the game in which Bethesda and AMD are in partnership with was an utter

disappointment. Again, all of the influencers were not in it for the passion of a company to thrive

with low cost high-quality products, more over they seemed more interested in their own personal


I have a deep passion for AMD and the products, so do many others in the community. To be let down

by the people that were chosen to represent AMD as influencers  is an understatement.

In more recent events a giveaway for a GPU was set for a night that the streamer Patty was

scheduledto be on the AMD  Twitch channel and giving away an RX-570.  Even after a  tweet from

@AMDGaming went out and specifically tagged him and that he retweeted, he had no idea that he was

supposed to be giving away that card on the stream, he thought it was going to happen on his

channel at another time.

This Patty  influencer guy has many followers and viewers on his own channel that all play console

games, as does he. How can a console player be expected to properly represent a PC hardware company

to show how well their systems built with AMD hardware can truly perform by not putting it thru

some intense gameplay while playing games designed for a console?

I feel that this ‘influencer program’ is a bad idea. However, the AMD Red Team Plus program is a

better representation of the value and commitment to great products for mainstream PC builds as

well as enthusiast  class machines.

The knowledge and enthusiasm that the AMD Red Team Plus members have and share with the community

are what make me a proud member of the Red Team.

As with any program there will be growing pains and certain people will need to be weeded out. I

for one have been very disappointed it some of the ‘influencers’ in the program. From what I have


there was only one that comes to mind that has any  positive influence outside of the AMDRTP

members and  that would be the streamer Bear. He is knowledgeable and very enthusiastic when referring to

the AMD hardware that he is using, he also sound genuine about them.