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    Opteron 3280 can work with Windows 10 64bit ???


      hi everybody, i have replaced my old (and broken) FX-8150 cpu with the new one Opteron 3280.

      i start to install Windows 10 64bit with a pen-drive, like i have do many other times,

      but during the installation the program stop, and say that he miss something from cd-rom

      or pen-drive, so i have to resign to install Windows.

      i have repeat 2-3 time the procedure, but without success.

      i have try to download the Windows 10 from Microsoft site,

      i have put it inside the pen-drive again, but it continue to stop the installation.

      i have contact Microsoft assistance, and they say:

      probably you need to add some drivers from Amd.

      so, i ask:

      the Opteron 3280 is made for Windows 10 or not ???

      if not, which version of Microsoft platform is good for this cpu ???

      if yes, what i must add inside the pen-drive for make

      that the installation can continue to the end ???

      thank very much.