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What would happen if I put a 580 driver on my r9 390x? Wanting to get my clock speeds to 1400-1500

Question asked by andrewcb88 on Sep 7, 2017
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I would like to be able to get a hold of someone(an expert) about drivers. I would like to get a driver from the 580 but with the bus of the 390x made if possible. Or is the 580 compatible with the 390x? I need a way to get my 390x to go well beyond what it can do with it's current drivers. My cards are seriously cooled and I got it made for these to be pushed far beyond the limit of what they can take now. Hybrid powercolor cards, taken the stock AIO out. Put EK blocks on them but just the GPU block, not the full cover, with liquid metal for TP. I am adding Fujipoly to the vram. These cards are on their own water loop with plenty of radiator cooling and tons of fans. The only way to make these cards any cooler is to use liquid nitrogen. My loop can take anything you throw at it. Heat is not an issue for me which is for most when it comes to these cards. I need a way to push these hard as hell. I want to be able to make these compete with the 980ti, I would actually love to make them faster just so I can laugh about it.