AMD ReLive feature request: Monitor lock

Discussion created by noodol on Sep 7, 2017

Hey all, I've recently started to use the recording features on offer from AMD. I like that it seems to have minimal impact on system performance, and short of tweaking the audio a bit more it is producing good results for minimal effort.


However, the issue of the instant replay overlay shifting to another monitor as you alt tab (but not shifting back when you return to your main monitor) really makes it a frustrating experience.


To that end, I'm posting this here, and over on the official AMD forums. I've gone another step as well, and filled out their problem report with the text below in the issue description box. You can see I've gathered a few links highlighting the issue and the general community wish for a monitor selection/lock to be implemented.


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Using crimson relive to record while using multiple monitors (but only wishing to record the video of one), the focus of the recording randomly changes to another display. This is a critical feature, the absence of which renders the recording aspect of this software next to useless.


This issue is discussed in the following:


And my new thread at reddit: