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    Threadripper 1950X P-states




      My 1950X has the following p-states advertised via ACPI: 3.4 GHz (P0), 2.8 GHz (P1), and 2.2 GHz (P2).  However, it seems unable to enter P1.  It can transition between P0 and P2 with no problems, but setting P1 (2.8 GHz) fails.  I have a report of the same basic issue — cannot enter P1, but P0/P2 work fine — from a 1920X user (although the P0-P2 frequencies are slightly different on 1920X).


      Has anyone else on this forum played around with p-states on the AMD Ryzen (and especially Threadripper) platform?  Can your CPUs enter P1?  What motherboards and BIOS versions are you using?


      I'm using an ASRock X399 Taichi motherboard, with no overclocking.  I have the latest August 9 1.30 BIOS.



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          I have an Asus Zenith Extreme Bios revision 0503 with a 1950X. Everything in BIOS is set to defaults apart from memory settings which are set to DOCP. I can get mine to use 2.8 GHz (P1) base frequency by customising a power plan within windows 10 by doing the following:


          Go to Control Panel

          Select Power Options

          Select a plan or create a new one and select it

          Select Change plan settings

          Select Change advanced power settings

          Select Processor power management

          Select Minimum processor state

          Change setting to 80% (Anywhere from 65-82 will do for 2.8GHz. 64 and under gives 2.2GHz. 83 and over gives 3.7GHz)


          My only issue is I can't figure out how to get 3.4 GHz!!! Above 2.8GHz it jumps to 3.7GHz.