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radeon pro wx 5100-installation problem on win.8.1pro 64

Question asked by ddave on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by ddave

AMD Graphics Card:                           Radeon PRO WX5100

Desktop or Laptop System :                    Desktop Custom Made

Operating System:                            Windows 8.1 64bit

Driver version installed:                     Radeon Pro 17q.3 – 10.10.1730.1009 this is for win7 64bit,

                                                      but I even tested the win.10 64bit, (same issue)

Display Devices:                               HP Elite Display E232 connected by display port std. Cable

Motherboard + Bios Revision:            ASUS SABERTOOTH 990 FX 3.0 rev 1.xx – BIOS 0212

CPU/APU :                                                 FX 8350

Power Supply Unit:                          NOX 750W 230V

RAM:                                             16GB HyperX (2x8Gb - 1866Mhz)



The problem I found is that the operating system does not recognize the graphics card. 

I installed the latest drivers for both windows 10 64 bit and those for windows 7 64 bit but I did not get any result (clean install for both).

I checked with cpu-z but in the graphics card page appears only basic windows graphics card, ironically the RADEON logo appears but nothing more.

I need to use Win.8.1 pro for a lot of reasons, (programs compatibility, and so on).

On technical spec. the wx 5100 require win10 64 and win7 64 but win8 or 8.1 64 are not comprehended, this mean that i really have to change the S.O.? no way to fix?


Many Thanks