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      I'm quite a bit of a gamer, as I guess most people using AMD Radeon 480 are. Atm my current is HOI4 (Hearts of Iron 4), however with the recent driver updates, this game no longer loads properly and is unplayable. I have heard that the only way to fix is to revert to driver 17.7.1 or earlier. Will this be looked into and patched?

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          I've been in contact with Paradox several times now, we have found out that it is the crashes and load issues are all the drivers fault. Paradox also said that AMD is aware of the issue, however it does not seem like they are looking in to it as the new drivers keep rolling out without a fix. The crash / load issue has been a game breaker for to long now, Hearts of iron IV is unplayable with AMD hardware / software at the moment, and i have experienced that rolling back the driver to play the game does work, however it affects performance and stability in OTHER games. This means i have to switch between drivers when i want to play Hearts of iron IV and switch back to play other games. It has not yet been fixed, current driver 17.10.1



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          Im also using a 2 screen Setup with the GPU. (No eyefinity)