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Dual lut in my R9 380X?

Question asked by heimdall2020 on Sep 5, 2017

Hi, I have been searching for a solution to this issue for a long time with no luck..


The thing is I have one monitor and a tv (mainly for gaming, movies, etc) and I have my monitor profiled with my I1 Display Pro for photography work.


The probem Is I have no way of fixing the photography ICC profile to my monitor, and a second generic ICC profile to my tv independently... I have tried almost everything, and after a long research It seems It have to do with the lut tables of the graphics cards... People says most modern cards should support Luts for each video output, but in my case, In Windows 10 color administration options, the displays ID shows as 1/2 and 1/2, as If the two displays are detected and can be swithed etc, but the ICC profile will affect the 2 all the time, no matter wich screen you choose.


The crappy solution I ended up with, Is to manually change the profile each time I switch the displays, but the Tv always end up totally scrwed with bad brigtness, don´t know why, because after doing the windows calibration in the tv, It looks fine, but after switching the displyas back and forth the result is always ugly as hell.


This two screenshots shows the options I have, each shot is In theory a different display, but as you can see, I have no way of setting one profile for display 1 and other for display 2, as both of them are reffered as 1/2, and don´t know If this is because my 380x doesn´t have multiple Luts...  Thanks