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Terrible fluctuation in doom (rx 560)

Question asked by tff on Sep 4, 2017
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Hello, please see the linked video before reading. Excuse the terrible quality.
Win7 x64
4 gigs of RAM
Gigabyte RX 560 Gaming OC 2gb
Now, before you start shouting at me about my RAM not being enough, I have tried with 8 gigs and it did not make any difference. The I3 is slightly under spec but other games have no issue with it. In fact, other games don't seem to have an issue with my 4 gigs of ram either (the game can run at 130fps stable for a while). I feel the most infuriating thing is that even when I run kombustor it dares to drop from 100% usage to like 70% momentarily. No other card I've used has ever done this. I contacted Gigabyte support, but it seemed like an automated message accusing my system instead of cooperating. I hope to see a different response here. Thermals are not an issue, nor is power delivery. The fluctuation is present in other games, but not as much and I'm sure the ram isn't the issue (again, I tried with 8 gigs of ram). I highly doubt the CPU as it rarely breaks 80% usage.  I'd like to add that I had to change 3 different drivers before vulkan actually worked, the game would crash on startup. I'm currently using the driver from gigabyte's website, although it didn't show me an option to install relive and the radeon settings application is incredibly unstable and keeps freezing . This is making me livid.


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