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r9 m280x directx 12 support (Asus N551ZU)

Question asked by taikohenshin on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by taikohenshin

hi, i have a laptop from asus model N5551zu that has radeon r9 m280x as it dedicated graphic card.

the spec is as follow :

Cpu : amd fx-7600p quad core

Gpu : r9 m280x 2gb gddr5 (dedicated) + r7 kaveri(integrated)

Ram : 8gb ( 4gb + 4gb)

Hdd : 1tb 5400 rpm

my question is some website wrote that the r9 m280x support directx 12 such as but some said it is does not support directx 12.

which one is true?

For example when i'm trying to play forza horizon 3 which directx 12 exclusive, i can't play it.It said that the graphic card is not supported error code

Another example is forza motorsport 6 : Apex. The game is playable only when i use power saving mode which force the laptop to use r7 gpu.

is there any fix for this? please help