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r9 390x mouse lock ups

Question asked by station on Sep 5, 2017

MSI R9 390x, i7-5820K, 850w supply, 64-bit win 10.
Hi, I have a strange issue with an MSI R9 390x which is a bit difficult to describe:
In several games (many but not all), every 2-3 minutes or so, the mouse input will lock up for 4-5 seconds, I can continue to move around with the keyboard and the game continues to render normally (as if I were just playing with a dead mouse), however when the lock-up ends, the screen jumps to where I would be if all of the mouse inputs I was giving had gone through during that time. It almost feels like a sudden extreme lag spike, but GPU-related instead of internet-related.
I have installed the latest drivers through the radeon app, and all settings are factory default (no overclocking or anything). I notice this predominantly with games, but it can occur any time the GPU is active, such as watching video files in VLC (mouse pointer will freeze on the screen for 3-4 seconds, then jump to wherever it would have been if all of my mouse movement had gone through during that time).
Any thoughts on what to try to resolve this? Thanks!