Forbes: The Story Behind Threadripper, And Why It Almost Didn't Exist

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AMD Ryzen Threadripper: The Fascinating Story Behind The Processor That Beat Intel


There’s a unique story surrounding Threadripper, but one that gives testament to the spirit that’s emerging in the company as we go through this transition since 2014 when we announced our Zen architecture. It’s not really a story of roadmaps and long-term planning or huge R&D budgets - it’s a lot more personal than that and stemmed from a skunkworks project and a small group of AMD employees who had a vision of a processor they’d really want in terms of a high-performance PC.


They worked on it in their spare time and it was really a passion project for about a year before they sought the green light from management, which is quite unusual – it was something they really cared about. The result, several years later was Ryzen Threadripper, which is the world’s most powerful desktop processor. Without this group of people Threadripper may not have happened.