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Cannot upgrade crimson drivers past 16.12. for Amd Fury's and then overclock gpu's. Have tried 300mhz core clock fix. Is there a new fix for this problem?

Question asked by gsam72 on Sep 4, 2017
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Have had to revert back to Crimson 16.12 so i can overclock my crossfire Fury's but would like to be able to get current with drivers so i can benefit from some performance boosts in certain games. It seems like AMD knows about this issue but hasn't fixed it or they have stopped any support for Fury cards. I have spent hours reading forums and have tried literally eveything that is out there on Amd community and reddit.

Does anyone have any new ideas about how to fix this. I use Msi Afterburner and like to use Rivatuner and i read that there needs to be an update(for Afterburner) to get my cards working using this software. Its very frustrating as i have used DDU to uninstall and reinstall literally over 40 times to try and fix after an update of Crimson drivers. But still have issues and am tired of having to reinstall all my game profiles and settings everytime I like tinkering but spending 100's of hours of my time doesn't work for me anymore.

Any help is appreciated.


My PC specs are

ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH 990FX R3.0 Motherboard

AMD FX 8320 (OC'ED to 4.8ghz) Closed loop water cooled

2 x AMD Fury's

16Gb Hyper x Fury memory

Super Flower 1200 Watt Psu