lagitimate threads being removed from forums for unknown reason from top users of issues they do not have. stop.!

Discussion created by rebelyell on Sep 3, 2017

its come to my suprise that someone from top users namely 3 users.  deleting a very good thread which is known of there concern since its not even about there windows setup are deleting very good information needs to stop.

i feel bad they are left out and dont have the intellect to understand why these threads exist isnt any of there concern. since it is for the people that need this information. they need to look away and help someone and dont look here. i have spoken to about 10 people from everyday helpers on this forum and each want the top 3 out and this is 1 reason why.

we are here to help everyone and if they cant thats why we are here to help. do not in any way shape or form delete good info. i think someone on top is jealous they didnt know something. who cares .

i will continue to help all people no matter what they need and if someone has a problem with that they can message me directly. but do not in any way remove info people need. if that happens again see my wrath. have a peacefull day...!