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after installing ati graphic driver pc became crazy

Question asked by cescoxx91 on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by supervargen

Hello guys

I recently upgraded my pc mounting a new graphic card: ati radeon rx 560 4gb.

The first days everything was good and normally working, but after about a month my computer stopped working properly. It uses to reboot after 5 minutes of use ore just shut down with no reason. Often while rebooting, did non manage to load windows in time and reboot again. I reinstalled windows and everything is working till i install ati driver. Using windows default video driver there are no problems, but if i install the graphic driver and the gpu start working the problem came back. Anyone has the same problem? how can I fix it?

pc configuration:


motherboard: asus p6x58d-e

pc power supply 730 w

ram 3X2 gb corsair ddr3

cpu: 4 core intel i7 950 3.07 ghz

ssd kingston 120 gb

western digital 1 tb