PC keeps reverting driver to 17.1.1 have disabled all PC driver updates and continues

Discussion created by driverlulz on Sep 3, 2017
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Iv'e been happily gaming on this PC for a over a year with an RX480 gpu.


Yesterday, I update my drivers to 18.2.1 after using DDU to remove the old driver.


ALL OF A SUDDEN, when I play games, they start crashing every 30-60 minutes with dx11/gpu removed/driver updated error crash dialog boxes.  When this happens, my driver is then shown as 17.1.1 in crimson catalyst.  I have disabled window updates, hacked the registry to prevent driver updates, yet this CONTINUES to happen consistently and has rendered this PC incapable of playing games.  ME:A will not acceptably run on 17.1.1 drivers....


It doesnt matter what driver I install, the driver will be reverted to 17.1.1 within an hour and crash any game that is being played at the moment. will revert the driver at ANY time, not just while a game is playing.


I need someone to tell me what the hell is going on because I can't fix this BS from happening over and over and over and over...


WIN 10 64 bit