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How to get Ryzen without RMA problem (in france)

Question asked by newin on Sep 3, 2017
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I'm an indie Game Developper working on every OS (Windows, MacOS and 2 different linux including gentoo) and I would like change my PC to increase my productivity.

The problem is that as an Developper I will have to compile a lot so I will have this problem:

gcc segmentation faults on Ryzen / Linux

Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Segfaults during compilation on AMD Ryzen.

I thought it was old enought to be sure I will have a UA1725+ if I order one now but I had a UA1716 so I returned it to amazon immediatly...


My question is: How to I get a Ryzen with the RMA remplacement ?

As professional I'm interested and open to both Ryzen and Ryzen pro as long as it has the RMA remplacement.

I tried to to into stores and ask for a Ryzen7 and check week of production (fortunately we can see the processor on the package) but everything is under UA1716 (so they will cause segv in my builds).


Note: the website is inconsistent about Ryzen Pro you can find a page saying "notify me when it's available" implying that it isn't yet: Ryzen™ PRO Processors | AMD

and another AMD Ryzen™ 7 PRO 1700 | AMD saying it's available since "29/06/2017".


PS: I'm also interested on the procedure to get engineering samples if that's possible