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How to contact a representative from AMD regarding drivers?

Question asked by andrewcb88 on Sep 2, 2017


I am trying to contact someone at AMD who could be able to help me. I have 2x r9 390x powercolor hybrids. I have taken the stock AIO out of them and put EK blocks in and they share the same loop which is separate from my monoblock and ram. I have 1x 360mm x 45 with 6 fans in push/pull and a 240 x 30 with 4 fans in push/pull just for the GPUS. Also I used liquid metal on the GPU instead of regular thermal compound. In other words these don't get near hot since the loop cools only the GPUs and the vram and all that is cooled by air since it is a hybrid.


I want to push these cards as hard as possible and you all know they don't OC well. I am wanting to see if it is possible to get any special drivers or something that will allow me to push these far beyond what the current set up will allow me to do. I would love to hit something extreme like 1400-1500 but I am not sure if that is even possible. I am a newb when it comes to how it actually works and why it is so restricted. So I would love to find a way to increase my clock speeds outside the traditional way.


Side thing here. The 390x isn't that bad of a card(I know you are laughing but hear me out). Why instead of creating an all new design, why would AMD not go back to something like the 390x and upgrade it? Smaller die, HMB2 16gb like the Vega and do some modifications? If the 390x had 16gb HBM2 it would obviously outperform where the card is now, making the GPU with smaller die improves performance, heat, stability, electricity consumption etc. etc. I feel like a 390x with 16gb HBM2 alone would outperform a 980ti by a long shot and then adding in the smaller die and a few modifications such as the bus width it would be up there with the 1080ti I suspect. I feel like everything the 390x needed, they didn't have at the time or didn't use it which severely put them back. Put 14nm die on it and from what I understand HBM2 is far smaller than GDDR, there is a ton of space in there(I have opened mine many times), so it makes sense to me. Does it feel like a step backwards to do something like this? The 390x wasn't too far off from a 980 so there isn't a doubt in my mind that going from 8gb GDDR to 16gb HMB2 with the large bus require would make it easily faster than the 980ti.