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linux crashes

Question asked by sbentl on Sep 2, 2017
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Is anyone else experiencing "black screen" crashes under Ubuntu 17.04 with their Ryzen 1700?  Under regular load my 2 day old system (Asus Prime 370 pro, Ryzen 1700 and Corsair 3200 Ram - underclocked to < 3000 due to stability issues!) performs better than my aging I7 2600K (stable @ 4.2Ghz) in most benchmarks, as soon as I try to put on any load e.g. Video transcoding via handbrake the screen goes black and USB keyboard and mouse power off - the PSU still runs as if the system is on until the power button is held off for several seconds... 


I've heard rumours that early Ryzen 1700 processor had some hardware issues with Linux that were not correctable with firmware or microcode updates, I hoped that I'd left my order long enough that I would not have that issue - but now worry I've received a dud!  Would appreciate any advice in diagnosing the issues as my system is not usable for any thing more than basic web browsing right now and cannot handle the loads I used to throw at the I7 2600K without issue before. 


I am seriously considering sending the components back - but would rather persevere if there is a possibility I can manage to get things working as overall performance looks to be better...    I have tried several tweaks based on forum advice such as disabling cstates, cpu offsets etc as well as installing newer linux kernel versions (currently at 4.10.1-041001) but so far the system is completely unable to handle being loaded up compared to my previous system that was stable even with a 23%+ overclock...


Many thanks for any ideas/advice!